NBC Picks Up a Few New Shows, Client List Renewed

blackout_nbcTVline.com is reporting that NBC has picked up two new shows for the fall 2012 season. Revolution comes from Lost creator J.J. Abrams with Supernatural creator, Eric Kripke. The series “starring The Cape‘s David Lyons, Twilight’s Billy Burke and Breaking Bad‘s Giancarlo Esposito — is described as a high-octane action drama following a group of characters struggling to survive and reunite with loved ones in a world where all forms of energy have mysteriously ceased to exist.”

the_new_normal_nbcThe other series picked up by NBC called The New Normal comes from Glee/American Horror Story creator, Ryan Murphy. This series “centers on a blended family made up of a gay couple (Book of Mormon‘s Andrew Rannells and The Hangover‘s Justin Bartha) and the surrogate (Georgia King) helping them have a baby of their own.”

While I’m interested in seeing Revolution, I can’t say the same about The New Normal, which sounds like it will end up being the next Work It. While I think the idea has potential, I think it will try too hard to be funny, and be over the top. I don’t have any way to judge this based on the description, but the promo image somewhat gives me that feeling.

the_client_list_renewedHave you been watching the Lifetime series The Client List starring Jennifer Love Hewitt? Well if you have, and can’t seem to get enough of Hewitt playing a mom making a living through a massage salon that is actually a front for a prostitution service, then you are in luck. The series has officially been picked up for another season by the network. The finale for season one will air in June.

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